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New version 3.10.0

Version 3.10.0

  • improved user interface of metal parts
  • changed the navigator of the elements
  • inserted the selection of the metal parts by clicking on the name of the metal part in the graphic representation of the model
  • added in the tab of the selection of the metallic parts the automatic management of the finishes of the connected metallic parts and to be inserted automatically
  • added the management of the recommended metal parts to the sheet for the selection of metal parts by checking the metal parts already inserted
  • added in the tab of the selection of the metallic parts the section of the metallic parts that can be inserted automatically
  • added in WIZARD INSERT the selection of the metal parts to be inserted through a tab that displays the model and the positions of the metal parts to be inserted selectable with the mouse
  • added in WIZARD INSERT the management of the visibility of unnecessary categories according to the inserted metal parts
  • activation of tempered glass models

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If you don't find the model that's right for you, send us a sketch of your model to If feasible, we will create your model and add it to the System models for free

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RossoDiSera software zone di Roberto Colpani
RossoDiSera is a new software house dedicated to the creation of software for the glazing sector.
Creator of the innovative management software Vertigo Enterprise, the software house now presents its brand new glass hardware parts configurator for shower enclosures, tempered windows, sliding windows, mobile walls and partitions.