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How do I download the packages?

To download a package, select the desired manufacturer; each manufacturer has their own categories; select a category until you reach the page with the list of downloadable packages; select the desired package to enter the package tab; inside there is a small description of the package, the list of inserted models and the list of glass hardwares present. On the bottom there are downloadable versions depending on the language available; download only the version in the same language of the configurator installed on your computer because otherwise the packages will not install. If you purchased a package in the wrong version, contact us to fix the error.

What is the difference between a pre-filled model and a customizable model?

The precompiled models are those solutions where a series of items (normally called kits) are sold from the supplier catalog with a single code. In AllInOne there are two types of precompiled models:

  1. Items that, in the manufacturer's catalog, are coded with a single code and are complete kits: by purchasing the kit you are provided with everything you need to build your shower wall. In this case, only the kit code will be included in the list of metal parts to be ordered from the manufacturer; no glass hardware can be removed or changed.
  2. Items which, in the manufacturer's catalog, are coded with a single code but do not provide all the necessary glass hardwares: some items are optional; in this type of model you will have the possibility to insert and modify only the glass hardwares not the manufacturer's kit. For example, in some kits no type of knob or handle is supplied: you will therefore have the possibility to freely insert and interchange this type of glass hardware.

Customizable models are models similar to the pre-filled but completely editable models; inside you will find many choices for inserting the glass hardwares; for example, in addition to being able to choose any type of compatible hinge, you can choose whether to use the clamps instead of the perimeter profiles, use different solutions of the lower dam or insert a knob instead of a niche or handle.

Is it possible to use the packages downloaded on multiple computers?

No, it's not possible. Models activated on one computer cannot be activated on other computers. If you need to activate AllInOne on multiple computers, contact us at for an economic evaluation.

What limitations do trial packages have?

The trial packages are completely the same as the paid packages, only that they have a limited duration in time (normally 30 days but may vary with ongoing promotions).

From version 3.10.0 the trial packages can be downloaded and activated inside AllInOne. 

Where can I find the instruction manual for the program?

There is no real application manual, but there are still alternative solutions to know its functions. Each command has a button on the side with a small i. Clicking on it will open a window that will explain the function it performs. Also there are video tutorials that explain in a simple but effective way the various procedures to be carried out in the program. Some are inserted automatically during installation, others are in the "Video tutorial" section. Whenever we publish new ones, an informative email will be sent to all registered users. 
We are always available for info and explanations: