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Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that a website saves in the browser of the user’s computer. Usually cookies are used to store the preferences of a user so that he/she does not need to reselect them later. The browser saves the information and retransmits it to the site server when the user visits that website again.

Use of cookies

This site uses three types of cookies:

1. Technical cookies: facilitating efficient use of the site. These can be of two types:
- Persistent: remaining stored in the user’s browser until a pre-established date, varying from cookie to cookie;
- Session: deleted on closing the browser.

2. Analytical cookies: used by the server or by third parties to collect anonymous and aggregate data on the use of the website, the source of traffic, pages visited and time spent on the site;

3. Third-party technical cookies: used by third parties to integrate the site with social media according to the preferences expressed by the user on social networks and to facilitate the sharing of content.

Disabling cookies

According to current legislation, we are not required to seek explicit consent for technical, analysis and third-party cookies, as they are necessary for efficient use of the site. If individuals do not agree with their use, they can, in any case, disable such cookies, although this may impede efficient use of the site.

To disable third-party cookies, consult the pages of the reference sites:
1. Google Analytics
2. Facebook
3. Twitter